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I've been learning many new helpful phrases and language lessons from my Introduction to Norwegian class, we recently covered how to tell time and describe what time it is. It's really quite different than how we explain the time in English, for example "Fifteen until three" would be 2:45. We don't often refer until the next hour until the current one is half past, example: "Half past three" would be 3:30. However, in Norwegian they only refer to the current hour for the first twenty minutes, or should I say "tjuer minutter", pronouced "shooer min-et-ter". If the current time is 1:15, I would say "kvart over en" and at 1:20 it changes to "ti på halv to" or "ten until half two" in English. A little different to get used to be I'm having a fun time practicing.

I found this helpful text clock that shows the current time anywhere in the world and it has versions in English and Norwegian along with other languages. This is extremely helpful to understand and remember how to explain the current time in Norwegian. Word Clock In Norwegian.

We also have been learning about the seasons and describing the weather. Det er veldig behagelig her i Bø. We listened to this song by a Norwegian band called deLillos, they were more known in the 1990s but their music is very easy to understand if you are just learning Norwegian. Below is their song Vår, which is the word for Spring.


  1. Hi, sorry if there is some major creep factor here, but I'm a gal from New York considering studying for a semester at Bo! I am pretty certain I would be the first from my school, so I did some googling to dig up info and came across this blog. I am seeking some advice/answers so if you'd be so kind I would really appreciate it. I could give you my email or facebook or any of that jazz. Anyways, hope you are having an awesome time!

  2. Sure thing no problem! There was a guy here from a university in New York this semester but I would be willing to help you out by answering your questions.


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