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One of my courses here at Telemark University College (TUC) is Business Innovation and Culture, we have been talking about separates innovative companies from their competitors who are not considered innovative. I have been reading more about entrepreneurship and innovation lately and found a really interesting article with five tips to inspire creativity in a small business, my favorite tip from the list was

"5. Get behind your idea. Don't be like Kodak, sitting on your digital camera invention until competitors eat your lunch. Once you've got an innovative idea, put it out there and promote it with all you've got."

 as I always seem to come up with new ideas myself but find it difficult to decide which ones to promote. Here's the complete list at


  1. Nice idea Jordon! I'm enjoying reading your blog. Take care.
    Teresa Loftesnes, MSU Marketing Office

    PS. Thanks for blogging!

  2. Thanks Teresa! I hope to have more this weekend after my class trip to Morgedal and working on some other travel plans.


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