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Corfu Greece

It's been some time since the last post and this will likely be our last post from Europe. Corfu has been quite a treat in terms of weather, most days have been low to mid 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Some interesting things are happening here on this small Ionian island and now you're going to hear about them!

We arrived into Corfu on Thursday evening and we were picked up from the airport by our AirBnB host, Renee. She was thrilled to show us around Corfu town in her car so we could see some of the attractions Julia had already planned ahead of time and find out about the distance between each of them. The town is every bit as busy as you would expect an island town that is probably twice the normal population in summer. After getting situated with our room and so forth we set out on a thirty minute walk along the edge of the sea towards the main meeting place and park in the city. We were shocked when we stumbled upon a large projection screen showing "The Durrells" whi…

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